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Job Change Notifications

Early Access
The feature described on this page is currently in early access. Access to the feature is obtained by contacting Live Data support.

Notifications of job changes

When a ledger contact changes jobs, you frequently need to perform some actions on your end, whether it’s updating your CRM, reaching out to the contact, kicking off a touch campaign, or otherwise. Live Data can call a webhook when we detect a job change for any of your contacts. The body of the call to your endpoint will match the contact schema defined on the bottom of this page, and may change over time as the Live Data API is updated. You can specify to receive webhook events for changes in all your ledgers, or only to specific ledgers. You are able to specify more than one webhook configuration if desired.

The webhook call will also contain a unique token in a header called X-LiveData-Token that can be specified to a value of your choosing, or to a random token generated by Live Data. This token can be used to verify that the webhook call is coming from Live Data, and to prevent replay attacks.

In the future, you will be able to configure webhook endpoints through the Live Data API or UI, but while in early access this feature is configured by the Live Data support team. Please contact support and provide your webhook URL to have this feature enabled for your organization.