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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Live Data gets its data from?

Live Data uses proprietary technology to scour the Internet and glean insights from multiple sources to determine the truth states for people. Conceptually, you can equate what we do to doing an Internet search across multiple search engines and intelligently processing the results.

What geographies are included in Live Data?

Live Data can get insights about people worldwide due to the nature of our technology.

What happens with different spellings of the same company?

e.g. I submitted IBM and Live Data detects it as IBM, Inc.

Live Data uses multiple algorithms to determine if two “company” names indeed represent the same company. Any hints that you provide help our algorithms, especially if you provide the company domain name. In cases where we determine the company is the same but the actual strings are different, we show our representation of the company name under Current Company in your ledger, but we do not mark it as a job change.

What is the accuracy rate for contact updates?

Our average accuracy is more than 95%. We continually monitor this as our algorithms evolve and the Internet is a constantly changing data source.

Whitelisting Live Data

If you are using a firewall or other security measures that require whitelisting, please whitelist the following:

Email Domains


Web Domains

  • (note: make sure to white-list all sub-domains of due to load balancing and HA)

Other questions?

Contact us at