Live Data Documentation
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General REST principles

The following are general principles that we follow across our APIs.

Endpoint URLs

All API endpoint URLs specify the service name and version in the URL in the form:<service name>/<version>/...

There may be multiple version numbers available at any time.

API Services

The following are the current API services and latest version:

  • Identity Service (v1) - provides functions for managing your Live Data organization and user access to your resources
  • Ledger Service (v1) - manage the contacts that Live Data tracks across one or more ledgers in your organization


All APIs are documented using OpenAPI 3.0 and all documentation is available here. We provide interactive API documentation that allows you to make calls directly in your browser. Our documentation is validated against our backend continuously.

Resource and Path Names

Resource, path, and attribute names are formatted in camelCase.

Resource Schemas

All resources in the API have documented schemas that have similar characteristics:

  • all contain attributes that lack their resource name. For example, a ledger resource will have the attributes id and name, not ledgerId and ledgerName

Resource Dates

All date attributes across the APIs, where they exist, are named as follows: createdAt, updatedAt, deletedAt. Other date attributes are similarly named.